Ep. 2: “In Defense of Prairie Dogs” feat. Deanna Meyer

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Advocating for endangered wildlife & ecosystems in Colorado

Deanna Meyer is a long time environmental activist. Born and raised in Colorado, she gained a deep appreciation for the land and its living communities but came to recognize that everyone she loved was under attack. In 2015, she began her fight on behalf of prairie dog colonies along the Front Range when she launched a campaign to protect a large prairie dog colony from extermination in Castle Rock. She has been campaigning and advocating for numerous colonies and prairie communities ever since and intends to do whatever it takes to save this keystone species and the communities they support.

Deanna is the executive director of Prairie Protection Colorado, which advocates for prairie dogs by drawing attention to the mass exterminations of prairie dog colonies along the Front Range, and by organizing and resisting the destruction of the last remaining prairie communities. PPC organizes on the ground and works ​​​​with local governments, the media and legal channels to cast a web of protection over the last remaining prairie dog colonies.

I first made contact with Deanna in November 2017 when researching an article entitled, “Slaughter in Colorado Highlights the Prairie Dog’s Plight,” which was about the extermination of a colony in Longmont Colorado by a construction company.

We spoke on March 4, 2020, and the topics we covered included Prairie Protection Colorado’s mission, the ecology of prairie dogs, the crimes against nature of the state of Colorado and the federal government, and the big picture of US American culture and its war on the environment.

Prairie Protection Colorado

“Slaughter in Colorado Highlights the Prairie Dog’s Plight”

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