2020.01.20: We All Need to Be Tree Huggers Now

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To hug a tree, and to feel the life undeniably flowing within, is to embrace living itself

The current custom is that any tree can be cut down for any reason, with exceptions made to save particular ones, here and there, every once in a while. This should be reversed. Instead, it must be forbidden to cut down any tree at all, ever, with exceptions made only for clearly demonstrated need. Need shall be defined most narrowly, not as it currently is, comprised mostly of luxuries.

The following would no longer be considered legitimate reasons to cut trees: agriculture, ranching, furniture, paper, toilet paper, housing and fuel. Agriculture takes up a far, far bigger footprint than it needs to. We have empty buildings and lots of old chairs and tables. Paper can be made from hemp and toilet paper can be made from bamboo, or replaced with cloth, or we do as is done in India. Those who need fire to cook and keep warm would have to be provided for in some other way, as a social subsidy.

Of course all of this is in the context of dramatically rejiggering our society so we are using much much much less of everything, not just wood, but I’ll try to stay on subject.

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