Ep. 11: “Radical Womb Sovereignty” feat. Samantha Zipporah

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De-industrializing women’s reproductive health

Samantha Zipporah is a reproductive and sexual health educator who provides counseling on everything from ovulation to orgasms, abortions to births, and body ecology to yeast infections. Sam brings a holistic approach to her work, seeking to deindustrialize all aspects of women’s reproductive health. She is also an author and a musician.

In our conversation we talked about natural contraception, fertility awareness, plant medicine, the ecology of the menstrual cycle. how “the pill” works, “gyn-rape,” and how men can be allies to women who are exploring these subjects and practices. This episode digs deep into many misunderstandings and mysteries about women’s bodies and our culture and I hope that it sheds light for the listener.

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