Ep. 13: “Beyond Organic: ‘Regenerative’ Agriculture” feat. Melissa Hoffman of Sho Farm

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Mixing farming, rewilding & a duck sanctuary!

Melissa Hoffman is a co-owner with Shawn Smith of Sho Farm, LLC, in Vermont. Sho Farm is a unique place where regenerative farming, agroforestry, rewilding and a duck sanctuary all mix in what Melissa calls a “living laboratory.” Melissa and I talked shop about the various experiments and methodologies they are trying out on their 1300 acre parcel, including veganic approaches, integrating wildlife, utilizing so-called “invasive” plants, relocalizing our diets, encouraging pollinator habitats, indigenous land management practices, and the need for adaptability in both practical approach and in mind. Sho Farm entered the CBD market last year, and is applying an ecological approach to that crop as well.

This episode is of special interest to farmers and gardeners but will be eye-opening for anyone else interested in true sustainability.

Sho Farm website

Sanctuary at Sho

Living Future Foundation

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