Ep. 15: “George Floyd Protests in Chicago” feat. Dan Hanrahan

Photo by Dan Hanrahan

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Talking politics & current events with the Chicago-area musician/writer

This is a special breaking-news edition.

Dan Hanrahan is a Chicago-based musician, translator, poet, performer, and teacher of Latin American literature. He has written essays for Counterpunch, El Beisman, The Mantle, and OpEd News, and stage music for Chicago’s Spanish-language theater company Colectivo El Pozo. He recently released “Radical Songs for Rough Times,” an album of original protest songs. Currently operating within Chicago’s genre cross-fertilizing music scene, this multilingual Milwaukee native has built a following for his songs, stage performances, and theatrical scores.

Dan and I talked on June 1, 2020, about activism, racism, and the George Floyd protests, with special attention given to a Chicago protest that he attended personally.

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