Ep. 19: “Interview with a Tree-Sitter” feat. Lupine

Photo is a view from the tree-sit, courtesy Redwood Forest Defense.

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No clearcut is sustainable

When I first moved to Portland, Oregon, in the spring of 2001, I happened to end up living across the street from the Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA). CFA was involved in direct action protests to stop logging in the Pacific Northwest, including tree-sits. I covered their efforts as an Indymedia reporter, and got to spend time with them in the forest, learning about ecology and resistance.

So I was thrilled to have the chance, in the second week of June, 2020, to interview Lupine, a tree-sitter who is currently participating in a Redwood Forest Defense campaign to stop logging at a site in Humboldt County, California. We spoke on the phone, and though we were disconnected several times by a weak signal, we were able to have a great conversation. Tree-sitters have always been heroes to me, and I really appreciated the chance to connect with someone from the newest generation to be out there fighting the good fight.

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