Ep. 20: We Are All Prey, featuring Joanna Pocock

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A conversation inspired by the author’s book, “Surrender”

Joanna Pocock is an Irish-Canadian writer living in London. Her writing has notably appeared in the LosAngeles Times, the Nation and on the Dark Mountain blog. Her most recent book is entitled, “Surrender,” and is a memoir that mostly focuses on her adventures in the western United States. There, as she experienced menopause, she explored the history and nature of the landscapes, and met various rewilders including the notorious Finisia Medrano. The book takes its name from an eco-sex convergence she attended.

Joanna and I talked on June 25, 2020. Using her book as a jumping off point, we covered a variety of topics including settler colonialism, rewilding, cultural appropriation, how sexuality changes with age, social media, the challenges for youth in today’s world and finding home in a placeless society. In the background of all these subjects was the environmental crisis, which alarms us both.

[Warning: Multiple uses of the F-word by both parties]

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