Ep. 25: “Portland vs. The Feds” feat. Blank

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First-hand report from the tear-gas filled streets

Federal officers have been in Portland, Oregon, for the last few days, on Trump’s orders. They have been abducting people off the streets into unmarked vehicles and attacking protesters with a variety of “less than lethal” weapons including tear gas, pepper pellets and flash-bang grenades. George Floyd protests in Portland have been active downtown there for over fifty days, but numbers had dwindled to a few hundred a night. But with the arrival of the Feds, crowds have swollen into the thousands again, and last night (July 22nd) the mayor himself was tear-gassed.

Blank is an Indymedia comrade of mine from back in the day, and we logged a lot of hours on the streets together covering protests during the Bush regime. In his second appearance on this show, he gives us the low down on what he’s been seeing, including what happened to the mayor. Blank is a life long Portland resident and has been providing streaming reports from Portland on a regular basis during the recent uprising.

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