Ep. 32: “Right Wingers Descend on Portland” feat. Blank, a street journalist

Photos by Blank

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On-the-ground reporting from our local correspondent

On Saturday, August 29th, right-wingers including Proud Boys and Trump supporters met up in the Portland area to stir up trouble with the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. Hundreds of them met up in a shopping mall parking lot outside the city and caravanned downtown. Blank, a street journalist who is our Portland correspondent, happens to live near the mall, so he headed over and blended into the crowd so he could observe. He ended up driving with the caravan downtown, where a right-winger was shot dead under circumstances that are still mysterious. Blank tells us what he saw that day. We also touched on the history of racism in the state of Oregon and mayoral politics in Portland. This is Blank’s third appearance on the podcast. See also episodes #14 & #25.

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