Ep. 34: “The US Clusterf*ck” feat. Forrest Palmer

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A view from the unapologetic left

An electrical engineer by training, Forrest Palmer is an activist who lives in Houston, Texas. His work can be found at Wrong Kind of Green, which advocates an anti-capitalist approach to environmental work.

We talked on September 5th, and touched on the clusterf*ck of 2020, the George Floyd protests, the plight of millennials, Bernie Sanders, the ongoing collapse of the US, COVID-19, the flawed nature of the US Constitution, the inadequacy of a Green New Deal, climate chaos, climate denialism on both sides of the political aisle, the lack of class awareness in the US, the impossibility of returning to the so-called glory days of post-WWII America, the need for radical change beyond the ballot box, the corporate media, near term human extinction.

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