Ep. 40: “What is ‘Sustainability,’ Really?” feat. Kristine Mattis

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Cutting through the BS

Kristine Mattis received her PhD in Environmental Studies. As an interdisciplinary environmental scholar with a background in biology, earth system science, and policy, her research focuses on environmental risk information and science communication. Before returning to graduate school, Kristine worked as a medical researcher, as a science reporter for the U.S. Congressional Record, and as a science and health teacher. She is no relation to the mad-dog general.

This is Kristine’s second appearance on the podcast. I invited her to be the co-host of this episode, so she came up with a list of questions about the concept of “sustainability” and we took off from there, covering so-called green energy, belief vs. knowledge, indigenous lifeways, the pandemic, the complications of technology, climate chaos, the loss of childhood experienced in nature, propaganda and media, lack of local food sovereignty, the urge toward escapism, the desire for a simpler life, and redesigning the American lifestyle.

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