Ep. 50: “The Future is Relational” feat. Kitsuné Rêver

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A perspective from Canada

Kitsuné Rêver is a resident of Alberta, Canada, where she is a nurse and a gardener among other things. This was her third appearance on the podcast and it was simply delightful to welcome her back to the show. In our wide-ranging conversation, we covered a lot of topics including a political scandal in Alberta where local office holders traveled in spite of COVID lockdown; pandemic fatigue; the difference between responding and reacting; the effects of social media on brain function & communication; the end of “normal”; consumption & consumerism; the possibility of famine; the population debate; Kitsuné’s family heritage in Canada as an example of how lifestyles have changed; the human “longing for belonging”; how advertising manipulates our beliefs and choices; the poison of mainstream news media; the poor quality of information on the internet; and the importance of following indigenous leadership.

We recorded this six days after the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6th, and we refer to it several times before talking about it near the end.

“Indigenous Canada” course at University of Alberta (which Kitsuné refers to near end)

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