Ep. 51: “Spark of Fury” feat. Tim Hermach

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A veteran forest defender speaks

Tim Hermach is the founder and director of the Native Forest Council, based in Eugene, Oregon. Tim has been a forest defender since the late 1980s and at this point has ripened into a proper curmudgeon.

We talked on January 9th, 2021, and our conversation covered his early days in the Sierra Club; Biden’s dismal record; Clinton’s betrayal of the forests; “Gang Green”—the big non-profit environmental organizations based in DC; the corrupting influence of money; the decline of the environment and of environmental regulations over the last forty years; Kollibri’s early experiences with forest activism in Portland; hardcore tactics and the Earth Liberation Front; how industry has veto power over the content of school textbooks; the decline of media coverage of environmental issues; and the need to fight and fight hard.

Native Forest Council

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Shout out to Josh Schlossberg’s Green Root Podcast, where I first heard Tim. Josh has great guests. Give him a listen!

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