Ep. 55: “No Going Back to Normal” feat. Kenn Orphan


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…and why would we want “normal” anyway?

Kenn Orphan is an artist, writer, radical nature lover, antiwar and anti-capitalist activist, sociologist, spiritualist and hospice social worker. He writes about art and culture, socio-economic injustice, geopolitical issues, philosophy, and the existential threats we collectively face from corporate capitalism, the war industry, climate change and an ever imperiled biosphere. His work focuses on the desperate need for a global paradigm shift that fosters compassion for and solidarity with the suffering of humanity and the countless other species with whom we share this precious planet.

I first discovered Kenn’s writing through Counterpunch, and began following him on social media. We regularly end up thinking and writing about similar topics at the same time, and I often find myself adjusting my sails based on his voice and perspective.

In our conversation on Jan 25, 2021, we talked about whether things will “go back to normal” and, more importantly, should they; the environmental disaster of the Alberta tar sands and the resistance against them; the globalized indigenous resistance to industrial development; the importance of following indigenous leadership in protest movements; corporate media and media criticism; Julian Assange and the attack on whistleblowers; the suppression of speech on social media; sexual repression in US culture; Pete Buttigieg and “identity politics;” the end of the Trump era and the opening of Biden time; hope for young people; the dire ecological situation that threatens so much life on earth; the danger and privilege of nihilism; and everything that’s worth fighting for.

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This episode’s introduction music is “Trip Hammer” by leinadsorihcak

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