Ep. 70: “Trans 101” feat. Terra

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Emerging understandings of human sexuality & identity

Terra is a freelance artist, writer, and podcaster residing in Portland, OR. I have known them since 2007, when I was an urban farmer living in their backyard. They are on Twitter as @cybersatyr

We discussed how the new ideas fit in with the old ones; the phrase, “trans women are women;” the concept of misgendering; how quickly the discussion of gender has changed; trans people in the military; the term, “TERF;” the usage of “they/them;” the word, “transsexual;” trans athletes in sports; actors, acting and Hollywood; and the importance of accepting things even when you don’t understand them.

This episode’s introduction music is assembled from loops by Doctor Dreamchip. You can follow them here: Youtube | Instagram | Patreon

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