2018.01.02: Hey White People: We’ve Got to Stop Claiming We’re Not Racist

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Facing the facts

I am White person born and residing in the USA. These words are addressed to other White people here. If I focus particularly on liberals, that’s because much of my adult life was spent in the Democratic bastions of Minneapolis, Boston, and Portland (Oregon).

One thing that People of Color have been telling us for years is that White Supremacy is something we Whites need to deal with. There is work to do on ourselves that only we can do. They’re right. It is in this spirit that I am speaking today, “between us.”

First of all, we can neither deny the existence of White Supremacy nor avoid its consequences.

The US as a nation has been a project of White Supremacy from its very inception. The idea that Whites are superior to everyone else has been a constant. You’ve got to believe you’re superior to justify slaughtering the original non-white inhabitants of this continent to steal their land. You’ve got to believe you’re superior to justify capturing non-white people from still another continent and enslaving them here to make yourself rich. You’ve got to believe you’re superior to justify incinerating two cities full of non-white people with nuclear bombs to assert your global dominance. Last but not least, you’ve got to believe you’re superior to insist all this is in the past and doesn’t matter now.

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