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Introduction / trailer

Speaking for the Trees, No Matter Where They're From


Introducing “Speaking for the Trees, No Matter Where They’re From”—the podcast! Featuring interviews with nature lovers on plants & ecology, with a special focus on “invasive plant” mythologies and the threat to wildlife habitat from “green energy” development. Plus agriculture, wildtending, plant consciousness and more.

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If you’re someone who loves plants and the planet, join us!

To find the podcast, search for it by name, or follow these links:

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Episodes 65, 66 & 67: “Rebel with a Cause: Remembering Finisia Medrano”

Disclaimer: This episode is full of obscenities and is probably not safe for work. Additionally, it contains words relating to sexual identity that may be offensive to some. All this vocabulary is not included gratuitously, but reflects the usage of the podcast’s subject, Finisia Medrano, a trans woman with a mouth like a sailor. You’ve been warned.

part 1: “Meeting Fin”

part 2: “Work & Conflict”

part 3: “Mission & Last Memories”

YouTube link (all three parts together)

A rabble-rouser in occupied America

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