Ep. 58: I’m Interviewed on the Green Root Podcast

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Unearthing the Roots of Industrial Agriculture

In January I was interviewed by Josh Schlossberg for his Green Root podcast. Josh is an investigative journalist and recovering activist and with his podcast he is pursuing a quest to uncover the roots of the modern ecological crisis. I interviewed Josh in 2018 about how biomass energy isn’t green, and you can read an abridged version online at my blog or the complete conversation in my book, “Roadtripping at the End of the World.”

In this interview we discussed some of the problems with agriculture including habitat destruction, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, ocean dead zones, soil erosion & top soil loss; we also touched on small-scale farms vs. Big Ag and got into the issues with genetically-modified crops. We then switched gears to history and prehistory and examined how the agricultural revolution changed human culture and health for the worse. We ended by talking about the importance of taking our lead for the future from indigenous people.

“Green Root” is one of my favorite podcasts, and I recommend that you to check it out!

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